Holy Land Tour Itineray 




A detailed intinerary will be emailed upon completion of your reservation. Itinerary subject to change.
Complementary Breakfast & Dinner provided each day. Lunch on your own.


  TOUR DAY 1 – Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv



WELCOME TO ISRAEL!  Upon your arrival at the Ben Gurion Airport, you will be met and assisted before passport control by our airport service representative for transfer ride to your hotel.  At the hotel you will be able to check in and get comfortable after your journey.

INTRODUCTIONS & WELCOME PACKAGE: We will meet as a group for the 1st time with Michele & Yael, Your Tour Hosts, and go over the the events of the week and spiritual group activities.  We will wind down our evening with a lovely dinner and back to our hotel room to get a good nights rest for our fun-filled Holy Land Tour!

All guests will enjoy dinner and an overnight stay at the hotel in Tel-Aviv.


TOUR DAY 2 – Caesarea / Haifa  /AKKO(or Acre)



You will be introduced to our English Speaking Tour Guide who will be with us for our Holy Land journey explaining all of the historic citiies and cultural sites.

We will take a scenic drive along the coastal plain to Caesarea, once the roman capital of the region. Explore the ruins and excavations of the Crusaders’ city and the Amphitheatre which has been restored as a concert venue and learn the history of the city through a multimedia presentation. 

We will then proceed via Mount Carmel to Haifa for a panoramic view of the Haifa bay and the Golden domed Bahai Shrine and gardens.

Haifa Bahai Garden– “The Eighth Wonder of the World”. Considered the most striking landmark in Haifa, the magnificent of these gardens leaves visitors stunned. The terraced Gardens are built around a religious shrine and landscaped with precision, beauty and creativity.

*About 5 miles east of the Sea of Galilee is Hamat Gader – Hot Springs one of Israel’s most popular attractions. With mineral springs of up to 122 degrees, there have been ancient baths here for almost 2000 years. There is also an alligator and exotic bird reserve!

We will enjoy dinner and an overnight stay at the hotel in Hamat Gader.

TOUR DAY 3 – Sea of Galilee & Nazareth



We start the day with a boat ride on Sea of Galilee. Famous because of its prominence among New Testament writings (as is the whole of the Galilee as the place Jesus lived).

The Sea of Galilee is one of the earliest settled areas in the Land of Israel and boasts archaeological ruins sitting alongside some of the first pioneering settlements in Israel, as well as religious sites, modern cities, and endless outdoor pursuits.

Our Journey continues along for a trip to the City of Nazareth and visit the Church of Annunciation.

We will then return to the hotel for dinner and an overnight stay in Hamat Gader.

TOUR DAY 4 – Safed & Kabbalah Center



Drive to Safed, one of the four holy cities in Israel and considered the center of the Kabballah, the Jewish mysticism. Visit the Joseph Caro and the Ari synagogues, the most important synagogues in the city. We will then stroll around the artists’ quarter and the picturesque alleyways.

Half day in Tzfat should include the superb ‘Kabbalah Tour’ of Ancient Tzfat – a blend of spirituality, art, archeology, ‘power Sites’ and fascinating stories about the history of Tzfat and the Kabbalists. Musical experience – ‘Harp in the Alleyways’ – with ancient musical instruments and spiritual\ Kabbalistic music.

Next we will go to the “Secret Workshop” which is an intro to Kabbalah. We will enjoy a fascinating talk and watch a media show about DNA of the Soul, Kabbalistic ‘Tree of Life’, mystical power of Hebrew letters and more.

We will have dinner and stay overnight at our hotel in SAFED.

TOUR DAY 5 – Beit She’an / Dead Sea / Kfar Hanokdim



Our guided tour takes us on a drive through the Jordan Valley and Judaean Desert to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, almost 1300 feet (400 meters) below sea level. 

On the way, we will visit Beit She’an and explore one of the biggest excavated sites in Israel. The Talmud mentions this city as being the “entrance to paradise”.  We will also visit the bathhouse and the cardo, shopping centers and public institutions. It is a historical gem!

Upon our arrive at the Dead Sea hotel we will enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the Dead Sea facilities.

At 6:00 pm we will arrive in Kfar Hanokdim for a Bedouins experience of a life time!

First we’ll take the camel for a “test drive” in the desert. Guided by the Bedouin, for whom the camels are like part of the family, we will ride into the heart of the desert, into its breathtaking primeval landscape. Don’t forget to snap some pictures during the special ride!
Trek duration is approximately 30 minutes. Camel riding is in pairs, on a two-person saddle. Camel riding is permitted from ages five to age 67, and donkey riding from age of two, accompanied by an adult.

After the camel trek, we will enjoy a Traditional Dinner – Bedouin Hafla. The Bedouin hosts dressed in white Jalabiyas welcome their guests and invite them to sit on soft, comfortable mattresses. The guests are seated in a circular fashion around the Sania (a large tray). In the center of the Sania is the Magluba – a rice and vegetable dish served on thin pita breads. Accompanying the Sania are different salads,  Arabic vegetable salad, thick tahini salad, cabbage salad, and homemade pickles.

All the dishes are lavish, in accord with Bedouin hospitality. When your Bedouin host notices that you have finished your meal and fruits, delicious Bedouin tea spiced with desert herbs and coffee will be served. * Please note that during holidays and weekends there will be no Bedouin hospitality.

You will be transfered back to your hotel for dinner and an overnight stay at the Dead Sea.

TOUR DAY 6 – Dead Sea / Masada / Ein Gedi / JLM



We start the day in Masada!  You have the opportuity to a ride via cable car or climb by foot to the top of Masada and explore what remains of King Herod’s Palace. See what it was like to live there as you view the preserved baths, cisterns and barracks.

We then go to the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve to see the waterfalls of this Oasis in the desert, which is mentioned several times in the book of Psalms, and hear about the biblical story of King David hiding from King Saul. The combination of Ein Gedi’s abundance of water and tropical climate provide wonderful exotic plant and animal life. 

Visit Ein Gedi’s multiple-prize-winning Botanical Garden in Ein Gedi kibbutz is the only botanical garden in the world that integrates the homes of residents of the surrounding community. Kibbutz Ein-Gedi was founded in 1956 in the vicinity of the Arugut canyon, and was relocated to its present plateau in 1959.

The garden offers several interesting sites, such as: observation points, signs depicting birds in the garden and its surroundings and the Eco-Park mini zoo.

We will have our dinner and enjoy and overnight stay in Jerusalem.

TOUR DAY 7 – Jerusalem/New City



Machne Yehuda Market (Shuk) – with more than 250 vendors, this bustling outdoor marketplace is considered the heartbeat of central Jerusalem. Whatever you are looking for, the shuk has it. Clothing, Judaica, fresh produce, meats, diamonds, restaurants, and an array of colorful characters throughout.  Flavors, Colors, and Fragrances Tour of the Machne Yehuda Market

We will embark on a colorful, delectable, and interesting journey of the most beautiful and happening market in Israel – the Machne Yehuda Market! We will meander through the streets of the outdoor and indoor market, visit the Georgian area of the market, and the Iraqi market in “cages”, hear fascinating market stories, meet colorful characters, and hear the story about how the market was built and how it developed into the trendy culinary shopping center and bustling entertainment, culture and tourism hub it is today

Our tour of the Machne Yehuda Market will expose you to the intricacies of this famous Jerusalemite market, the authenticity that comes from the mosaic of people, stalls, butchers, bars, boutiques, galleries, restaurants, forming the unique mélange that only this market can offer.

The tastings offered during the tour include: A Balkan pastry, a Jerusalem platter (stuffed grape leaves, cigar, kubbeh), health drink, halva, casserole dish with surprising flavors, homemade hummus, homemade granola. The tastings might change according to season and availability. The tour lasts up to three hours and includes the Nachlaot neighborhood.

Continue for a guiding tour in Mishkenot Sha’ananim as the first Jewish neighborhood built outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, on a hill directly across from Mount Zion. Built in 1859–1860, it was the first area of Jewish settlement in Jerusalem outside the Old City walls,[1] and was one of the first structures to be built outside the Old City of Jerusalem, the others being Kerem Avraham, the Schneller Orphanage, Bishop Gobat school and the Russian Compound

 Continue for Ramparts Walk in the Old City of Jerusalem:

Wonderful and challenging walking tour for the whole family through the treasures of the past, the present and future entwined. Bird’s-eyes view and the history of the old and the new city. From the top of the wall, you can see the old city versus the new, from ancient historical sites and to the newest neighborhoods and central parts of the capital.

We will stay at our hotel for dinner and overnight in Jerusalem.

TOUR DAY 8 – Jerusalem/Old City


We will take advantage of a full day tour in Jerusalem’s “Old City.” Start the day at Mt. Scopus and Enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Jerusalem. The holy city for each of the world’s three great religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam, Jerusalem occupies a unique place in the world.

Your tour includes the Mount of Olives, the Western Wall and the actual site of the Second Temple, the Temple Mount. Walk the Way of the Cross, the Via Dolorosa, the Holy Sepulcher, housing both the traditional site of Crucifixion and the Tomb of the Resurrection. Visit the Roman Cardo, the Herodian Quarter and continue to the Western Wall.

Visit the The Hurva Synagogue, located at the heart of the Jewish Quarter, and it is one of the most beautiful and impressive synagogues in Jerusalem and perhaps in the entire country.

We will remain in Jersulem for dinner and an overnight stay in our hotel.

TOUR DAY 8 – Free Day 



Enjoy a FREE DAY to explore the city and sites on your own!  We have a lot of options for you to consider. Visit the museums or gardens, tour the famous memorials or stroll along the streets for shopping and taste the ethnic flavors of Israel’s cultural cuisine.

We will be in Jersulem for dinner and an overnight stay in our hotel.

TOUR DAY 9 – Bethlehem 



After a relaxing morning with Michele, we will continue to the city of Bethlehem and take a guided tour of the Church of Nativity, followed by a short walk through the streets of the old city and a visit to Manger’s Square. 

* Site under the Palestinian Authority Jurisdiction. Visit subject to situation.

We will transfer back to Jersulem for dinner and an overnight stay in our hotel.


TOUR DAY 10 – Jaffa & Departure



You will have a Free Morning to relax in Jaffa.  We will then continue our tour to Old Jaffa port– built 4000 years ago which makes the Jaffa port is the oldest one in the world.

In 1954, Jaffa became an integral part of the Tel Aviv municipality. Jaffa Port is a an amazing spot to take in the pictures, alleyways and hidden art galleries.  We will view the main Clock Tower Square with Historic Othman period buildings.  

After our last excursion we will arrive back at our hotel for a farewell dinner with our group and departure back to the Ben Gurion Airport.