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Are you ready to go within to seek truth to the answers you are looking for?
Do you wonder what happens after you make your transition from life?
Do you believe that your soul travels through time to reincarnate into another body?
And if that is so… do we have the POWER to change our destiny?

These are questions that have been pondered by leaders, scholars, scientists and lay people for centuries. Past Life Regression is a valuable tool for therapy whether you are the individual seeking to help yourself, or the professional who is in the business of helping others.

Growing up as a child, Michele was always open to the metaphysical possibilities of understanding people and the planet on a deeper level. She started doing past life regressions on herself and close friends at the age of 9 when a neighbor brought over a book on Past Lives and Hypnosis. Michele is 30 Year Senior Instructor of Past Life Regression at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, College of Hypnotherapy. She has worked with thousands of people on their journey deep within their mind for over 40 years! 

She is also an past life expert on numerous TV and Radio shows and was a guest host on “Beyond” with James Van Praagh with her Regression therapy and recently hypnotized Josh Gates with Expedition Unknown.

Past Life Regression has been featured on “Oprah” with Brian Weiss and has allowed us an opportunity to look beyond our current reality and into what “could have been” before. Past Life therapy can assist in healing trauma, pain, illness, fears, habits, addictions, phobias and more. Some people come in for a PLR session to have a clearer understanding of their life purpose on earth this time around.  PLR not only has the potential for allowing an individual to recall the past experiences, but it also opens the door to deeper levels of the mind where communication between the spiritual and logical self takes place. It is through this access that we can understand who and what were are in relation to the universal connection.

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Now you can learn core concepts of a past life regression in this exciting seminar filmed at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.
This Four (4) hour online streaming video course will teach you how to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of past-lives, karma and soul-mates 
  • Understand the benefits of doing a Past-Life Regression
  • Install powerful therapeutic techniques for deep healing
  • Explore past-life roots of present day relationships
  • Experience your own past-life in a group regression
  • Observe a live demonstration on a client

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What is Past-Life Regression?

PLR is a form of therapy that allows healing and communication between our spiritual and psychological self. A Certified Hypnotherapist uses past life regression as a tool to fully understand a current issue and to seek closure with the information revealed. When a core issue is uncovered that stems from a previous life and resolved the symptoms in this life will often disappear.

What about Future Lives or Exploring Life in Between Lives?

Hypnosis can also be used in a therapeutic setting to access future lives and information on what happens to your soul, spirit or energy while “in-between lives.” Regression to a past event in our current life and future progression occurs naturally. We can access the future of our life when we do progressive visualization for goals we want to achieve in our present life. When desiring to go the “in-between” place, many people are searching for answers about their life purpose and existence on the planet.

How does Past Life Regression work?

Hypnosis is used to access memories that are stored from the beginning of time up until the present. They say that all memories are cellular energy. The subconscious mind is not limited by imposing boundaries of logic, time or space. Past Life Regression is a therapeutic tool used to understand and heal current symptoms of physical, mental and emotional issues. Open-ended questions will be asked to gently guide you into an experience that is right for you. It may take more than one session for a client to go deep enough to access a past life.

Is the information real or imagined?

It is not uncommon for people to question whether they have made up or imagined their experiences while in hypnosis. Regardless of whether you believe the experiences are real or imagined and whether you believe in the validity of past lives, there can be symptom relief or healing. Everyone experiences this in a personal way based on his or her belief system. It is important to keep an open mind during your session without trying to analyze what you feel. Don’t ignore first impressions or flashes of information. As the regression progresses and with practice, images or impressions will become stronger. Be open and be curious. The mind is very powerful and can reveal a lot if you are ready for it.

What will I experience while exploring a past life?

When you are instructed by the therapist to walk through your present state and into a past life time you may experience several different reactions:

  • You may see yourself clearly or you may only see quick impressions.
  • You may experience being in another body in another time – living their life
  • You may have a knowing about past information without full visual details
  • You may hear sounds and feel what is around you.
  • You may not see anything, but “feel” as if someone is telling you what is happening.
  • You may get impressions before the therapist asks the questions.
  • You may not experience anything at all in session, but have information revealed in dreams
Can I get stuck in a Past Life or bring back bad experiences when I come out of hypnosis?
What can I expect from the session?

The session is about 4 hours and depending on your suggestibility, you may experience one or more past lives, explore life in between lives and if time allows – you may possibly go into a future life.