Lunch & Learn Workshops

“Special Offers for your Business Success”

Thank you for joining us with our Online Zoom Workshops with Michele Guzy at Strategic Mind University.  We are pleased to offer a variety of business classes, motivational programs and MindCoach products to our Real Estate Professionals.

Tap into the Unlimited Potential of the Subconscious Mind and Increase your Success, Happiness & Abundance. 

This 40-minute MP3 uses soothing Guided Imagery and Deep Theta Music combined with powerful hypnotic suggestions to Increase your Financial Prosperity.  Listen with a headset in a safe, quite environment where you will not be disturbed.  Do not listen to the MP3 while driving.

“Be Prosperous” is part of the Be Conscious Audio Series. To achieve the greatest results, use the program for 21 days to create a new subconscious association of financial abundance.

Click here to listen to your FREE MP3:   BE PROSPEROUS


To book a private business coaching or therapy session, please contact Michele at (818) 446-6463 for a FREE 20 MINUTE CONSULTATION to see how MindCoaching can serve you in your personal & professional endeavors.  We hope you enjoy your MP3 to be more financially prosperous in Real Estate.  For more products to add to your Success Library, visit our STORE!  Remember, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

We look forward to seeing you again at another Lunch & Learn Workshop with Strategic Mind University.