Meet Michele Guzy

Michele Guzy, C.Ht. is internationally known as “The Mind Coach” and considered L.A.’s Premier Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis Instructor with 31 years of experience in the field of Behavior Modification and Mind/Body Healing. Her clientele ranges from A-List Actors, Musicians, Stunt Performers, Pro-Athletes, Top Level Executives, Therapists and Business Professionals. She has been featured on numerous TV & Radio shows, podcasts and publications for her hypnotherapy modalities and expertise in Past Life Regression.

Providing therapy and coaching services for children, teens and adults, Michele uses a straight-forward, goal driven hypnotherapeutic style as well as leading approaches based in neuroscience. Her motto is “All answers lie deep within the mind you just have to be willing to look inside.”


Born and raised in Alaska, Michele enjoyed a down to earth lifestyle honoring family values and the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. She started doing Past Life Regression work at the age of 9 when she began reading books on hypnosis and felt drawn to know what happens to us when we die and how many lives a person can live.  Now, with 46 years of past life experience, Michele is well known for being the top past life regression therapists in Los Angeles.

After re-locating to Southern California in 1986, Michele pursued a lifelong dream of studying the psychology of human behavior and holistic health integrating all forms of natural and metaphysical healing using massage therapy, energy work, Reiki and hypno-therapeutic treatments.

Graduating at the top of her class at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in 1992, Michele accepted an invitation to join their clinical program as a staff Hypnotherapist and resident supervisor. She earned her post-secondary teaching credential at HMI’s accredited college and research center.

During her status at “HMI” she quickly became one of HMI’s top instructors specializing in the Fundamentals of Hypnosis and advanced therapeutic courses such as Family Systems, Relationship Strategies, Fears/Phobias, Habit Control, Pain Management, Stress Management, Past-Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Handwriting Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Peak Performance Mental Training for professional entertainers and Sports Performance for athletes of all ages to enhance their skills.

Michele Guzy’s skills and talents became recognized in the “Who’s Who of Seminar Leaders of America” and the “National Speakers Association.” She is much in demand for her dynamic presentations of how the programming of the subconscious mind plays a pre-dominant role in our personal and professional lives.  Her corporate seminars and workshops range from an expertise in Stress Management, Leadership Development, Assertive Communication, Conflict Management, Coaching & Team Building Skills, Confidence & Credibility and more!

Michele is also well known in TV & Radio as a “Celebrity Hypnotherapist” in Los Angeles.  With her quick wit and comedic talent, she is often called upon to host TV specials for FOX, CBS, MTV, VH-1, TRIBUNE, OWN, CMT, and the SCI-FI Channel.  Michele is able to instantly build rapport with her audience both on and off camera.

Michele’s work took a wonderful turn of events when in 2006 she established a 501 C3 Non Profit Animal Rescue Group called “Krazy For Kats, Inc.”  KFK, Inc. is dedicated to helping the stray and feral cat population by fostering and adopting animals to good homes. She volunteers at various Wild Life Rehabilitation Centers, local Animal Shelters and spay/neuter clinics in L.A. as well as Animal Sanctuaries in Africa. You can find out more information on Michele’s Non-Profit Work at:

Whether hosting a reality TV show, on stage as a motivational speaker or in a counseling session, Michele demonstrates an amazing ability to help people redirect their subconscious mind using positive suggestion.

There is no substitute for quality. Michele possesses this quality in her dedication to helping others fulfill their dreams and reach their desired goals for success, happiness and prosperity.

“Michele Guzy is one of the most influential and amazing people that I know.  Her gifted skills for teaching and motivation has made an indelible impression on my professional and personal life. Through Michele’s teachings about personality behaviors, I have become more aware of how to interact with others.This teaching has caused me to nurture my family better, understand my clients and enhance my dealings with everyday issues of life. I now understand even more how we are all created differently and how it’s important to celebrate the similarities and appreciate the differences.

In addition to her work in past life regression, Michele is a Master Teacher and Therapist in the field of Behavioral Counseling. I have greatly enhanced my intuitive abilities by understanding how to allow meditations and trances to connect more with my inner self and the higher Spiritual realm. Whether you want to quit smoking, overcome the fear of flying, lose weight, or simply to be a better person, build self-esteem to make more money or to acquire a deeper understanding of Spiritual and Mental Guidance, Michele is certainly the one to connect with.  You are guaranteed to find her interactions with you will be filled with compassion, enlightenment, and motivation.”

Once you come in contact with my friend and colleague, Michele Guzy, “The Mind Coach,” you will undoubtedly walk away, as I did, saying, “I Can Do This!”

Michael L. Mosley, DD., CHt.
Spiritual Teacher, International Radio Host, Author

“From the moment I met Michele I knew that she was going to be an amazing teacher and mentor in my life. Her inner and outer beauty shine just as brightly as all of the wisdom and compassion that she gives to her students and clients.  At first I was Michele’s student and studied Hypnosis and NLP as well as past life regression therapy with her. I learned so much about myself and my practice and still refer to notes and workbooks from her class.

Working with Michele and her hypnotherapy/coaching sessions has been by far the most beneficial to me.  She has helped me step into my power and be more of my authentic self. I still use her hypnosis and relaxation cds as reinforcement for the work that we have done together.  She has Coached me through many different stages in my life and I am eternally grateful for the knowledge and awareness that I have gained through working with her. I would highly suggest working with Michele because she will not only inspire you but she will empower you to take action in your life.”

Tamara Maurer, Actress & Stage Hypnotist

 “Filled with appreciation after my meeting today with Michele Guzy – The Realization Coach – while fine tuning my public speaking skills.  Michele is laser focused and such a pleasure to get to know on my journey of limitless possibilities.”  

Sherrie Badkoubehi, The Forgiveness Coach