Past Life Regression Training

Workshop with Regression Expert Michele Guzy, C.Ht.


There is an explosive interest in Past-Life Regression (PLR) throughout the world in the media and film.  Oprah featured a segment of PLR therapy with Brian Weiss and has allowed us an opportunity to look beyond our current reality and into what “could have been” before.  Discovery Channel Host Josh Gates from” Expedition Unknown” recently went under hypnosis with Michele to discover he was a whaler named Robert in the 1800’s on a ship called The Diana.  His research later revealed evidence of his visions to be true!

Although the idea of reincarnation has been around since the beginning of time, people often seeking regression work because they are curious to find out who they were before this life.  Whether you are interested in this weekend retreat for yourself or to use in your private practice, PLR is a POWERFUL form of therapeutic release.  By accessing your subconscious memories, we can understand who and what were are in relation to the universal connection.  Past Life Regression can help you find the deeper meaning of negative habits, physical pain (the doctor says is all in their head) or why we keep attracting the wrong relationships.

The 2-day workshop is open to everyone and is a wonderful retreat to explore spiritual journeys,
meet like minded people and discover the fascinating theory of reincarnation.

Each day will be filled with demonstrations, group regressions and one on one partner sessions so we can enter as many lifetimes as possible.  We will be using guided meditation/visualization and deep progressive relaxation to access a deep, hypnotic state.  A basic knowledge of these techniques or hypnosis is helpful, however you will have very detailed scripts to follow in order to feel comfortable when working with others.

NOTE:  If you are already a Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Metaphysical Healer or Licensed Therapist, you can receive Certification as a Past Life Regression Expert with my full 2 day training.  

INSTRUCTOR:  For over 27 years, Michele Guzy has been the top trainer of Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression (PLR) in L.A.  She is also a guest on numerous TV and Radio shows and was an expert on “Beyond” with James Van Praagh with her Past Life Regression Techniques.  She has in-depth knowledge in this field and studied with shamans and spiritual healers around the world.  Her education stems from working with notable experts such as Delores Cannon, Michael Newton, Bruce Goldberg, Bruce Lipton, Brian Weiss, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer and more.

Growing up as a child, Michele was always open to the metaphysical possibilities of understanding people and the planet on a deeper level. Michele started doing past life regressions on herself and close friends 42 years ago at the age of 9 when a neighbor brought over a book on Past Lives and Hypnosis. She has worked with thousands of people on their journey to go deep with in their mind.  To have a “realization” that you are so much more than just a person.  You are a spiritual being having a human experience.  Michele’s past life experiences herself have taken her to days working with Cleopatra, living in Atlantis and traveling from the Pleiades just to name a few.

 SPECIAL GUEST: Grave Cavanaugh – “Channel of Osairah”
Grace is a second generation Channel, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium and Intuitive Psychic.

On Sunday evening, we will wrap our event with a Spiritual Discussion and Group Channeling Session with “Osairah” – the beautiful and loving collective of 12 non-physicals that are a “Family of Light”.  They offer insight, gifts, love and wisdom to humanity for deep transformation, healing and awakening. If you have never experienced a real Channeling Session you are in for an AMAZING treat! Grace is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Channeler with 15 years of experience.  We will be asking questions such as: “What happens to us when we die? Where do we go? What is Karma? Why would we come back into another life after we transition? Are there other lifeforms in the universe?



Beautiful, Spiritual Setting with a morning Smudging Ceremony
2-Day Past Life Regression Manual with Detailed Scripts
FREE MP3  Past Life Regression Audio Package for personal use
FREE MP3 download of a real Past Life Regression on a client
FREE 1 hour Channeling Group Session with Osairah
$100 Discount Coupon for a private Past Life Regression 
Healthy snacks, water, coffee and tea 
Certificate of Completion 


Observing Past-Life Regression Demonstrations
Group & One on One Practice Regressions with a Partner
Ethics of Conducting Past-Life Regression on Others
Ways to Interview your Client both Pre & Post- Session for therapists
Basics of a Hypnotic Induction, Guided Visualization & Progressive Relaxation
Understanding of Past-Lives Connections, Karma & Soul-Mates
Learning Extra-Sensory Perception Techniques
Using Personal Questions to Guide Someone into Past Life
Learn the 5 Levels of Entering a Past Life
Using the Options of Associated or Dissociated States for PLR viewing
How to Handle Blocks during Session
What to do if Person comes out of Trance
Discussion of Dreams, Deja-Vu and having a Past Life Knowing
Releasing Subconscious Blocks and Negative Habits
How to handle Phobias, Fears & Physical Pain or Trauma
Powerful Techniques for Past-Life Therapy and Deep Healing
Exploring the Past-Life Roots with Present Relationships & Family
Going through End of Life Transitioning and Life in Between Lives
How to Conduct Group Past Life Sessions


Learn how to do Future Progressions to Explore the Next Life
Learn about Life Between Life Spiritual Regressions
Group Demonstrations & One on One Practice Sessions with a Partner
How to Connect with your Sacred Universal Temple
Communicating with Your Your Council of Elders
Working with Angels & Spirit Guides
Connecting with Animal Totems
Using Dream Therapy to Access Past Life Memories
Spiritual Exercises for Soul Travel & Soul Group Connections
Understanding Out of Body & Near Death Experiences
Changing your Destiny & Clearing Your Karmic Debt
Exploring Automatic Writing
Learning how to do Psychometry
Using a Pendulum to Heal Energy Centers & Remove Blocks

Learn the Difference between Psychic Abilities, Channeling and Trance Mediumship


DATES:  DECEMBER 1st – 2nd, 2018
TIMES:  10 am to 7 pm
COST:    $345
DISCOUNT REGISTRATION:  Due to the fires here in California, I am extending the Discount Price of $325 for the course until November 30th.  This is for New PLR Students ONLY.

SPECIAL FEE $200:  For practicing HMI graduates that have completed Michele’s PLR Course before in person or online.


  • If for any reason this event is canceled by Michele Guzy due to an emergency, full refunds are offered or registration fees can be transferred to the next scheduled date.
  • If you are unable to attend, we offer a 7-day cancellation refund policy with prior notice.  No refunds after November 24th, 2018, however your registration fee can be used for the next past life training in 2019.

LOCATION:  Training will be held in the Mind Bar Seminar room at the French Quarter Professional Building
A Good Life Seminar Space
20969 Ventura Blvd.  Suite #221
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

ACCOMMODATIONS:  There are numerous hotels and Airbnb options within minutes of The Mind Bar if you live outside of the Los Angeles Area.  Please contact us for details.  GO TO THE HOTEL LINK

CONTACT:  Michele Guzy at (818) 446-6463 for class details or questions about the event or accommodations.

WHAT TO BRING:  We will be conducting various regression sessions both in a group and with a partner.  For your comfort, please consider bringing a yoga mat, blankets and pillows as we will be using chairs and doing in-depth regression sessions lying down on the floor.  You will need a small flashlight for reading the scripts in dim light and also bring in a personal object (something sacred or special to you) to do psychometry energy readings.

WHAT TO WEAR: Feel free to come dress in comfortable, spiritual attire and wear your crystals!  This weekend retreat is for you to RELAX and to allow a DEEPER CONNECTION with the universal gifts of knowledge, and learn about the Power of the Subconscious Mind!



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