Sleep Easy Tonight CD




Sleep Easy Tonight is a 2 part CD Audio program designed to reduce the stress of every day living and quite the mind when it is time for you to go to sleep at night.

Start with CD #1 to learn how to overcome sleep challenges and begin your hypnotherapy session. CD #2 is to be used each night to help you drift off to sleep while you use your hypnotic techniques. The music and suggestions will fad out into a beautiful silence during the last 10 minutes and the program will stop on its own.

By listening to these CD’s you will…

Achieve deep relaxation and mental freedom
Improve your sleep cycles and have more energy
Allow your mind to sleep quickly and deeply

CD #1 Hypnotic Suggestions for Successful Sleep

Track 1: Introduction to the Sleep Easy Program
Track 2: What is Insomnia
Track 3: What are the Stages of Sleep
Track 4: Simple Sleep Strategies
Track 5: 30 Minute Hypnosis Session to install sleep techniques

CD #2 Guided Sleep Imagery with Theta Music

Listen to the gentle sleep suggestions in this 50-minute audio program to help you fall asleep easily and effectively each night.


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