Master the Basics of Hypnosis Training Program CD


This (4 CD) program is for current hypnotherapists and students looking to improve their hypnotic inductions, deepening techniques and skills in session.




Improve your hypnotherapy skills with this amazing Hypnosis instructional program!

This (4 CD) program is for hypnotherapists and students looking to increase their skills in their profession.
Each track will give you a live demonstration and explanation of how to do each technique. Then I will do the demonstration again SLOWER (with pauses in between each sentence) for you to repeat after her. This will give you opportunity to memorize the techniques accurately and with more speed.

This is an excellent opportunity for hypnotherapists to review their skills and create a higher confidence level in their hypnosis sessions.

Each CD will have separate tracks for each of the following demonstrations for easy learning.

CD 1:  1st Session Outline, Theory of the Mind, Suggestibility Tests, Finger-spread, Heavy-Light

CD 2:  Arm Raising Inductions using the following basic conversion styles: Inferred, Fingertips, Balloon, Hand Up, Resistance and Eyes Open

CD 3:  Deepening Techniques using Progressive Relaxation, Staircase, Challenges, Reactional, and Counting Down into hypnosis from 5 to 0.

CD 4:  Secondary Inductions using the Hand Clasp, Finger Spread, Heavy-Light, Reactional, Auto-dual, Eye Fascination, Counting Down into hypnosis from 5 to 0.

My 101 Hypnosis Training Program provides audio demonstrations and in-depth discussion of all of these hypnotic techniques! She covers all of the recommended hypnotic inductions, secondary inductions, deepening techniques and suggestibility tests used in hypnotherapy sessions.


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