With all of the changes taking place in the world it is important to take the time to evaluate where you are in your life.  Ask yourself, what does your future hold in regards your personal endeavors and professional career.  Are you the person you are striving to be?  Are you moving up that ladder of success, happiness and prosperity or still at the bottom rung looking up?  I say it is time you, “Think Big and Dream Bold!” Don’t wait for a falling star to make a wish.


Reach up and grab one out of the sky yourself, ask for what you want and then send it back to the universe to make your dreams come true! Remember… “You never regret what you do – You only regret what you don’t.” This is YOUR year to make those changes you have putting on hold.

Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to break habits and let go of old subconscious patterns that keep you stuck.  Maybe you want to reduce your stress, stop smoking or have a healthier lifestyle.  How would you like to eliminate the fear of success, sleep better, explore a past life or reduce your pain?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be let go of limiting beliefs an be able manifest your goals into a reality?

Weather you are interested in private Hypnotherapy session, would like to book a keynote seminar or looking for an expert for your upcoming TV show, Michele Guzy is the Premier Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles.

Our New Office at the Mind Bar!

Welcome to our new MINDBAR Hypnotherapy Office Suites!  We are now located in the French Quarter Building in Woodland Hills.  http://www.frenchquarterwoodlandhills.com. Image result for french quarter woodland hills

Come step back in time in our beautiful European Setting and explore past lifes, spiritual tarot, biofeedback, life coaching and deep hypnosis with everyone from the Mind Bar Tea2016-10-10-16-50-16m!

“Hypno-Thoughts Live!” Las Vegas Conference for Hypnotherapists

Hypno-Thoughts Live!

Hypno-Thoughts Live!

HypnoThoughts Live Conference: Las Vegas Nevada

Michele Guzy is the host and moderator for “Hypno-thoughts Live!” A weekend conference for Certified Hypnotherapists in Las Vegas, Nevada! Watch the promotional video and see get a glimpse behind the scenes of one of the most fascinating fields in the therapeutic world today. Listen to interviews of professionals from around the world and hear their success stories of how becoming a Hypnotherapist has changed their life!

Child Hypnosis with Michele on HMI WebTV

Working with children in my Hypnotherapy practice is one of my greatest joys in life. Children are naturally more responsive to positive suggestions for change due to their subconscious mind being more open and ready to learn. David came on the Hypnosis Today show at HMI to talk about his successes with hypnosis in being able to go to bed earlier at night, turn off his mind to negative thoughts and be more in control of his time and be more effective in sports. His mom Lisa noticed a big difference in David after the 1st session and continues to see improvements on a daily basis. For more information on booking a Hypnosis Session for your child please give Michele a call!

Motivation From the Masters

The I Can Do It Conference in Pasadena was a wonderful time to be held by all!

Do you have limits in your life that prevent you from making changes or achieving your highest goals? Do you love what you do, and do what you love in life? Are you impatient, waiting for good things to happen?

Dr. Wayne Dyer opened the night and reminded us that if you want something from life you must first expect it from yourself. Meaning that if you want people to act in a positive way – you too must be positive. If you want respect from others – you must show respect. He talked about the miracle of healing ourselves with belief and in order to take yourself to a higher consciousness must detach and rise above the ordinary expectations of life.

Christine Northrup asked us to decide what will not move forward in our lives for 2012 and quoted Abraham Hicks on how the cycle of life should be. Happy Healthy DEAD!

I love watching Louise Hay up on stage pulling items from her bra to give to Motivational Speaker Cheryl Richardson. No reason to have a purse when everything fits nicely next to your heart! She shared how to create affirmations for our self and to talk differently. Instead of “Don’t forget” say “Please remember…” “I can’t wait” becomes “I am looking forward to…”

She told us to breathe in the word “Life” and breathe out “Loves me.” Life… loves me.
She also taught us to say thank you to our bed in the morning for a good nights rest and for taking care of us in our dreams.

Our group learned about the changes on the planet and in the universe and that everything needs to go through a transition of change. We raised our vibration with music and sent it around the world then explored our past lives to find a deeper meaning to our habits and patterns.

We left realizing it is never to late to have what we want in life.

I am looking forward to what 2012 will bring.
I feel it will be a great year of awareness for those who are ready to embrace change.

Past Life Regression – Is it possible?

As a Hypnotherapist, I have had more clients call my office and ask for Past Life Regression sessions than ever before!  Perhaps it’s a shift in consciousness on the planet or maybe it stems from the mass media playing upon our fears of the impending events in 2012?

People want to know what happens to them when they die, where do they go and will they come back again as another person – in another lifetime.

For centuries, people have been using hypnotic techniques to unlock memories from a past life to help them understand their present choices.  A past-life regression is simply an exercise in observing the subconscious memories which some believe are stored on a deep, cellular level.

When people ask me if I believe in past lives, I reveal that I have been doing Past Life Regressions since I was 9 years old. My friend found a book on hypnosis and past lives in her home and brought it over one day. We were fascinated with the information and thought we would try it ourselves.  It did not dawn on us that it could not be possible to take a journey back through time, so we practiced the scripts and low and behold – we were experiencing past lives!

Back in the 1970’s we did not have the internet right at our fingertips to research our data.  We had to go to the library to look up the facts of our past life memories.  We found towns and cities we never knew existed in the history and geography books, photos of the clothes we wore from different time periods and dates of important events that had already occurred.  It seemed that I was always drawn to Egyptian times and felt a connection with the Native Americans and naturopathic  healers – well back then we were called Witches.

We could see our past lives as if we were there living them in real life and sometimes it like watching a movie unfold in our mind.  We did it so much that we kept journals to remember key details of each lifetime.

For my friend and I, knowing our past lives helped us to understand what made us who we are today and 35 years later I still love to access that spiritual part of my mind!

So is past life regression real or just a made up story from our subconscious?
I will leave that answer up to you.

All I ask is for you to keep and open mind and ask yourself this question:
Is it possible?  It is from the “seemingly impossible” that we learn to evolve our mind, body and spirit.

Since the beginning of time man thought the world was flat… but it was not.
Nobody believed it was possible for us to fly like a bird… but we did.
We never thought we could travel to the moon… but it was done.

The belief in reincarnation is worldwide and accepted in numerous religions.  It brings people hope and comfort to know that they will have an opportunity to possibly live another life to correct mistakes they made and release karmic debts.

Past Life Regression is an effective tool in therapy and when used wisely, may just give you the answers you are looking for.  If you are interested in experiencing a past lifetime give me a call!  Who knows… maybe you were  hanging out with me and Cleopatra!

So You’re Going To A Seminar…Open Your Mind!

Open Your MindSeminars are one of the most convenient outlets to expand our knowledge, network with other professionals and learn new skills. I, myself, am not only a professional speaker but a seminar junky! Have you ever noticed how many adults attend a motivational seminar with a closed mind and full of complaints?

It is as though they already have a pre-determined way of doing things and are just looking for a place to qualify it. They see other people as the ones who need to be “fixed,” and only want to learn how to get somebody else to “change” their behavior.

Seminars are open forums of communication. They offer a great opportunity to try on new viewpoints and get a positive mindset on personal and professional growth. When you are at an event, you do yourself a disservice by not joining in with the games or exercises and throwing away your notes at the end of the day.

Find out how you can get the most of the event by talking to the trainer before, during, and after the seminar. Trainers are more than happy to share their knowledge and do some life coaching to assist you in reaching your goals. Raise your hand in the seminar, ask questions, and be willing to talk to fellow attendees about current issues. They may have a new approach that you’ve never heard of before!

I have always reminded myself that even if I attend a training and I know most of the information that is delivered, if I can walk out of there and take with me at least 1 or 2 new strategies for success it was well worth it.

So, the next time you attend a seminar please remember to come with a smile on your face, an open mind with a pen and paper to write on. You might hear one tidbit of information that just may change your life…

Communication Strategies From A 9 Year Old

Close communicationIn my private practice as a Hypnotherapist I encounter many amazing people. All of which are searching for answers. All wanting to know when I will wave the magic wand and make their life better. The funny thing is… I wish it were that simple.

Although I do not have a wand, I do have helpful advice and effective tools to make the path of success, happiness and prosperity easier for you. When you really break it down it is all about how we communicate in this world.

Here’s a therapy story to ponder in your adult mind for a while…

A few years ago, a lady from one of my conflict management seminars called my office with a request to bring her young son in for counseling. “He is acting out in school, being mean to his siblings and is very disrespectful to his family,” she expressed. “He needs some serious help and I want you to fix him right away!”

His name was Chris and he was only 9 years old. We booked an appointment and they came a few days later. As mother and son sat on my couch, I began with the usual questions to find a strategy for his therapy. I asked Chris what was going on. With tears in his eyes, he told me that his father was in jail, kids were being mean to him at school and he was upset that he had to be the man in the family now.

I understood his anger and said we needed to establish some ground rules for our therapy sessions together.
Upon saying the word “rules” I saw a little flinch from Chris. Very observant of behavior, I quickly adjusted my thoughts and said: “I don’t know if I like the word rules, do you?” He said he didn’t.

“Well, we need to call them something… What else could we call these rules.” I asked.
Chris sat up in his chair, thought very carefully and said: “Let’s call them Strategies!”

“Great!” I said, “What are some Strategies we need to have for good communication?”
“We need to Listen to each other”, he said, “And when one person is talking the other person should be listening,”

Hmmm. That is very good! What else do we need to have? I asked, very amused.
“We need to have really good Eye Contact.”

Eye Contact! Well, by now my ears perked up and I started taking notes from this intelligent child!
“Can you think of anything else?” I asked excitedly!

“Yes,” we need to have Respect for each other’s feelings and remember to be nice.”

I was floored! I asked his mom if she taught him the tools from our last seminar she attended. She said no. Then I turned to Chris, “Did you sneak into one of my seminars last week? Was that you hiding under the table?”

He giggled and said no. I asked him where he learned to be such a good communicator. “It’s just the way it should be,” he replied.

Just the way it should be… This young boy understood the key factors of communication at the age of 9 that usually takes most adults years to figure out! And isn’t it funny- it wasn’t the boy who needed the guidance that day. It was his mother. He was aware there was a problem in the home, but didn’t know how to handle his emotions so he acted them out.

That was the most inspirational sessions I ever had over 20 years of doing therapy. It validated the fact that all we really want in life is to be listened to. To feel important at home, in our relationships, at our jobs, as customers and as people! All we want to know is that we “DO” matter.

So, take a moment out of your busy schedule today and make someone you know feel special. Go ahead and be a great communicator by listening, having good eye contact and showing respect in the world. Chris would be proud of your new strategy for life!

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLPNeuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to psychotherapy and organizational change based on “a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behaviour and the subjective experiences (esp. patterns of thought) underlying them” and “a system of alternative therapy based on this which seeks to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication, and to change their patterns of mental and emotional behaviour”.

The co-founders, Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder, believed that NLP would be useful in “finding ways to help people have better, fuller and richer lives”. They coined the term “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” to emphasize their belief in a connection between the neurological processes (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”) and behavioral patterns that have been learned through experience (“programming”) and can be organized to achieve specific goals in life.

In early workshops by Bandler and Grinder and in books that followed, it was often claimed that through the use of NLP, problems, especially phobias, could be overcome in a single short session whereas traditional therapies would have taken weeks, or even months of regular sessions to make progress. It was claimed that NLP was capable of addressing the full range of problems that psychotherapists are likely to encounter, such as phobias, depression, habit disorder, psychosomatic illnesses, and learning disorders. The founders advocated the potential for self-determination through overcoming learned limitations and emphasized well-being and healthy functioning. Bandler and Grinder claimed that if the effective patterns of behaviour of outstanding therapists (and other exceptional communicators) could be modeled then these patterns could be acquired by others. NLP has been adopted by private psychotherapists worldwide, including hypnotherapists, who undertake training in NLP and apply it to their practice. Later, it was promoted as a “science of excellence”, derived from the study or “modeling” of how successful or outstanding people in different fields obtain their results. NLP has gained popularity within management training, life coaching, and the self-help industry.

Overview of Hypnosis

HypnosisHypnosis is a mental state (according to “state theory”) or imaginative role-enactment (according to “non-state theory”). It is usually induced by a procedure known as a hypnotic induction, which is commonly composed of a long series of preliminary instructions and suggestions. Hypnotic suggestions may be delivered by a hypnotist in the presence of the subject, or may be self-administered (“self-suggestion” or “autosuggestion”). The use of hypnotism for therapeutic purposes is referred to as “hypnotherapy”, while its use as a form of entertainment for an audience is known as “stage hypnosis”.

The words hypnosis and hypnotism both derive from the term neuro-hypnotism (nervous sleep) coined by the Scottish surgeon James Braid around 1841. Braid based his practice on that developed by Franz Mesmer and his followers (“Mesmerism” or “animal magnetism”), but differed in his theory as to how the procedure worked.

Contrary to a popular misconception—that hypnosis is a form of unconsciousness resembling sleep—contemporary research suggests that hypnotic subjects are fully awake and are focusing attention, with a corresponding decrease in their peripheral awareness. Subjects also show an increased response to suggestions.

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